So war der CSD Bremen 2017 für mich

This is what the CSD Bremen 2017 was like for me

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Yesterday the first Christopher Street Day (CSD) in Bremen after a break of over ten years. As CFO and member of the organization team, this is of course particularly exciting for me :)

The last Bremen Pride took place officially in 2004. The organizers at that time did not involve the community. As a result, it was more of a street festival than a political demonstration.

“CSD” is not protected

The problem behind this is that the term “CSD” itself is not protected. CSD Hannover therefore has a seal introduced, with which official CSD organizers can certify themselves (free of charge). This is a good first step so that we can ensure that CSD really takes place under the name CSD.

Another important step is the cooperation of the various clubs and organizations that organize CSDs in their cities. For example, there is the CSD Nord e. V. as an association of the North German CSDs. The CSD North organizes, for example, the Pink Day in Heide Park Soltau - a kind of closing event for the CSD season - and various network and exchange meetings of the North CSDs. This exchange and the help in the CSD North was worth its weight in gold, especially for us from Bremen as brand new organizers.

With the CSD Germany e.V. There is also an association in which CSDs from all over Germany come together.

The community at CSD Bremen

I am glad that we have reached out to the Bremen community from the very beginning in the new CSD Bremen. In 2016, shortly after the new organization team had come together, there were already five open discussion evenings on various topics. In 2017, these were expanded to include two more open evenings. Claims 2017 formulated.

Pride Bremen 2017

With over 5,500 participants, the actual CSD day was a complete success. We never expected such a large number of participants - almost straight away. I'm excited for next year :)

If you are also interested in Pride Bremen If you would like to collaborate, please contact us by email at . I assume that we will have another “Join the team” meeting for the new season, where we can tell interested people more about our work. Otherwise, I can also recommend our Email newsletter recommend - you will always receive an email when there is news about the CSD.

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