So war der CSD Bremen 2018 für mich

This is what the CSD Bremen 2018 was like for me

This is what the CSD Bremen 2017 was like for me Reading This is what the CSD Bremen 2018 was like for me 3 minutes

Yesterday was again Christopher Street Day (CSD) in Bremen! . As CFO and member of the organization team, this is of course particularly exciting.

We started the first planning meetings in January. In retrospect, that was much too late - the CSD Bremen now needs a lot of preparation. Starting with raising money, discussions with the city and with the community about the political demands are necessary. All of this takes a lot of time.

One of my main tasks was the new website. We started with WordPress in 2016:

This is what the old website looked like.

But WordPress is getting slower over time, is vulnerable to viruses and attacks, needs regular updates... In short, we switched to Jekyll. With Jekyll, a website is created by saving text and images in a specific format on the hard drive and the Jekyll program then converts these files into a finished website. As a result, the pages are much faster because they only need to be delivered when they are requested - with WordPress, a lot of calculations still have to be done in the background if someone wants to read them.

The appearance of the page is determined by so-called Themes As I have no interest in my other pages (and also myself) have developed a theme anyway, we will also use it for the Pride Bremen a:

This is what the new website looks like.

The demonstration itself was a complete success. After the 5,500 participants in 2017 came yesterday a total of 8,000 participants. I am simply totally amazed at how much support the CSD Bremen is getting :)

As the CFO, I will now spend the next few weeks counting bean counts: paying bills, preparing everything for the tax return, preparing a financial report for the members and similar things. Since that is relatively dry, I am happy with my tasks related to the website: putting together photos from the CSD, helping to create and publish press reports and following up on the CSD itself. Because as banal as that sounds, one big lesson is that the right follow-up to the last CSD is the best preparation for the next CSD :)

If you are also interested in working at the CSD Bremen, please contact us by email at . I assume that we will have another “Join the team” meeting for the new season, where we can tell interested people more about our work. Otherwise, I can also recommend our Email newsletter recommend - you will always receive an email when there is news about the CSD.

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