Skipping ropes from PROspeedrope

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Quality hand-made in Germany

PROspeedrope is the skipping rope power from the north of Germany! The manufacturer was founded by an athlete himself: After the active martial artist Thomas Käbisch could not find a professional and high-performance skipping rope on the market that met his requirements, he quickly founded his own company and designed sports equipment exactly according to his ideas.

Since then, every PROspeedrope skipping rope has been made by hand by Thomas Käbisch and his team - with great success: PROspeedrope now markets its individual and high-performance skipping ropes to customers from all over Germany and Europe. In addition, there are its own workshops, its own advice and health tips for better coordination, fitness, a fit body and an alert mind.

The PROspeedrope skipping rope consists of a steel ball bearing that allows you to achieve high rotation speeds. At the same time, the rope is very smooth and particularly durable. The whole thing is perfected by a 90° rope deflection. This creates a perfect round arch when jumping.

Ideal for amateurs and competitive athletes: the skipping rope from PROspeedrope

The PROspeedrope skipping rope is an all-rounder and can be used by professionals and competitive athletes as well as beginners and fitness athletes for training, warming up and staying fit, improving endurance and concentration - just as you need it. Also great for those who are calorie conscious and for losing weight!

Up to 300 steps per minute

Every PROspeedrope skipping rope is perfectly adjusted so that you can easily reach very high speeds of up to 300 steps per minute, double unders and long units. The rope is made of thin, high-quality and durable steel and coated with plastic. This makes it particularly flexible and has exactly the right weight for your speed. You can easily adjust the length of the rope to your own height. The POM handles are made of solid material. You can easily adjust the weight of the handles to suit you using adjustment screws.

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