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High quality, cool design and the best product features are AMRAP's specialties. Every AMRAP skipping rope is tailored to your needs, your fitness level and your training methods. There is the very simple, light and soft AMRAP skipping rope made of hemp, which is also ideal for children.

For beginners and professionals, we recommend those with ball bearings in the handles, as these are particularly smooth and stable. The rope itself is usually made of steel, so that it is particularly robust, light and fast.

You can easily and individually adjust the length of the rope (usually 3 m) to your own body size using a hand screw.

High-quality AMRAP handles made of aluminium and plastic

The handle of your AMRAP skipping rope is - depending on the model - either made of aluminum or high-quality plastic. Both prevent the handles from absorbing moisture and ensure a good and easy grip. In addition, the handles are very durable and robust thanks to the high-quality materials.

The solid and sturdy handles are designed to fit perfectly in the hand.

Speed ​​training or endurance?

You can choose your AMRAP skipping rope based on your exact requirements and training methods. Skipping ropes with a plastic coating are perfect for high speed, including double unders. These are light, have little air resistance and are extremely easy to move thanks to their smooth surface. If you want to train your strength and endurance, we recommend an AMRAP skipping rope with a slightly higher weight. You can vary this with the handles, for example.

Each AMRAP skipping rope is made from high-quality, robust materials and therefore has a very long service life. The steel cables they are made from are particularly thin and can therefore withstand enormous speeds.

By the way: The name AMRAP says it all: It stands for “As Many Reps/Rounds As Possible”. The manufacturers of the AMRAP jump ropes have one big goal: to provide you with the best conditions and the best equipment so that you can get the most out of yourself.

So: Get on the mat for a workout, endurance training and CrossFit training and let the AMRAP skipping rope fly!

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