Skipping rope: How long is it right?

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Are you looking for a suitable skipping rope? But you don't know exactly how long the perfect skipping rope for you needs to be? Then you've come to the right place.

You can use the following tools to determine the length of the rope, but this is not a guarantee that rope skipping will be efficient. In addition to the length of the skipping rope, correct technique and correct posture are also important for proper skipping.

How to shorten your skipping rope to the right length

It is best to do this if you are already wearing your trainers. Another important point to remember is that the skipping rope should be at least 30cm away from your head and feet when it swings through.

When you have the rope in your hand, please stand with the ball of your foot on the middle of the jump rope. In the second step, take both ends of the rope in your hands and hold it taut in front of your upper body. The ends of the rope should now end between the lower end of your chest and your nipple.

Please note that this is the end of the ROPE. The handles are treated separately. When you fold the handle ends upwards, they should end in your armpit. The best way to do this is to stretch your arms out to the side. If you have reached these points, you have found the perfect rope length for your jump rope.

Athletes who are under 167 cm tall should make sure that the rope ends end in the middle of the chest and not between the lower chest and the nipple. This is simply due to the different proportions.

Calculating the correct jump rope length

In addition to the method mentioned above, there is also a calculation method for determining the individual length of a skipping rope. To do this, you divide the athletes into two groups: athletes under 167 cm and athletes who are taller than 167 cm. All athletes who are taller than 167 cm use the following formula: Height + 91.5 cm = cable length (calculated without the rope handles). Athletes who are shorter than 167 cm use the following formula: Height + 85.5 cm = cable length (calculated here without the rope handles).

With these two methods you should be able to find your perfect rope length.

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