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For fitness, conditioning and endurance training: With the fast PROspeedrope skipping rope* you get the rotation you need for your requirements. Made from sturdy steel and coated with plastic.

The skipping rope for your effective training – quality made in Germany

The skipping rope from PROspeedrope is particularly suitable for training your leg and arm muscles and strengthening your shoulders and upper body. At the same time, you increase your endurance and coordination and burn calories effectively. Your perfect skipping rope for warming up, fitness training and keeping fit in between!

The PROspeedrope handles have a non-slip, ribbed structure and are ball-bearing mounted for trouble-free and high speed. The steel cable is coated with stable and smooth PVC. The cable deflection and the cable connections are made of robust PA 6.6.

Product details: PROspeedrope skipping rope

You can easily adjust the 3 m length to your height. The steel cable has a diameter of 5 mm.

Included with the PROspeedrope skipping rope* Also included are two adjustment weights with which you can adjust the handiness of the handles, as well as an Allen key. You can store and transport your skipping rope safely and easily in the included resealable plastic bag. The weight of the skipping rope including packaging is 481 g.

Designed and manufactured by PROspeedrope in Germany.

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