Skipping rope mats

A mat for skipping rope? When a special mat is recommended

Whether a special mat is effective as a base for rope skipping depends on several factors that you should take into account. In principle, such mats have several advantages: Firstly , you protect your skipping rope in the middle - especially when skipping rope on asphalt or stone. This is because the rope has no contact with the hard ground and therefore cannot be damaged.

You also protect your joints and reduce the risk of injury. A skipping rope mat always has cushioning properties that cushion your jump. At the same time, it is not as soft as a gymnastics mat, for example, so you can keep your momentum and not be slowed down.

The mat also protects you from slipping . Thanks to the knobs often attached to the underside, you can also use the mat at home on smooth floors - such as parquet, laminate or tiles. The mat also protects the floor from damage that the skipping rope can cause if it repeatedly touches the same spot. The mat also gives you a good orientation point when jumping and helps you to concentrate on one point and thus jump straight.

Small mat, big impact

A mat that you use for your skipping rope is usually relatively small - just the right size for your feet. This makes it very easy to carry in your bag. If you set it up vertically, the mat can also be stored to save space.

When choosing the right mat for your requirements and training methods, you should pay particular attention to the thickness and hardness. Thicker mats naturally absorb your jumps more and are less suitable for speed training. If you want to use the mat indoors, it should not leave any residue behind, such as scratches or "fuzzy" material. It should also be prevented from slipping. For outdoor use, a very robust mat is important, one that even asphalt cannot harm.

If you often integrate the skipping rope into your training, it is worth investing in a high-quality mat (e.g. the outdoor mat from SBJ)* to invest in something that has good cushioning and material properties. For outdoor use, it is always a good idea to use a mat - to protect both the rope and your body.

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