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The professional skipping rope for athletes! The fitness aluminum skipping rope from HOLD STRONG* is perfect for your fitness training in boxing, kickboxing, CrossFit or MMA.

Flexibly adjustable, smooth and robust

The HOLD STRONG skipping rope has ball bearings and is therefore very smooth. It is equipped with light, thin and robust anti-slip handles at the ends. To ensure you remain flexible, two different ropes are included in the delivery: a wire rope with a PVC coating for beginners and a wire rope for professionals without a coating. In this version, the skipping rope has a particularly high rotation; also ideal for double under jumps.

The high-quality materials prevent the rope from twisting and becoming distorted. This makes the HOLD STRONG skipping rope ideal for your speed and fitness training as well as your rope skipping sessions.

You should only do your jumping training on non-slip and cushioning surfaces, such as special sports rubber mats.

Product details: HOLD STRONG Fitness Aluminium Skipping Rope

Both HOLD STRONG jump ropes* are 3 m long and 2.5 mm thick (diameter). You can adjust the length of the skipping rope to your height using a simple screw. It is made of aluminum and equipped with two anti-slip handles, each 16 cm long.

The skipping rope is silver/black and weighs just 113 g. This means you can fold it up easily and save space and store it in your sports or travel bag.

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