Skipping rope handles

Just as the materials from which the handles on the skipping rope are made are different, so are their properties.

Simple skipping ropes have padded handles made of foam or are made of wood . This feels comfortable and pleasant to hold, but is less suitable for the good training effect that the skipping rope is intended to achieve: the friction is very high and the material is not smooth enough. Plastic handles are very light and do not make your hands sweat as much. However, you should make sure that they are of good and robust quality. The plastic should not become brittle so quickly. In addition, the rope can sometimes fall out of your hand when skipping; therefore, the handles should be able to withstand falls without damage.

High-quality skipping ropes for sports and training are usually equipped with a handle made of aluminum or polyoxymethylene ( POM for short). Both are very light and stable materials and, if they are well made, are comfortable to hold, are stable over the long term and have low friction. They also do not absorb odors or moisture.

Some manufacturers also roughen the surfaces to prevent slipping. Thin handles are generally more useful as they are easier and more comfortable to hold and allow you to move more smoothly.

The professional handle variant

For effective training with your skipping rope, exposed ball bearings in the handle are essential. They ensure that your skipping rope flies "round" and in the shape of an arc. This is the only way to achieve a consistent rhythm when jumping, a high number of strokes and a high speed.

Some manufacturers have also integrated weights into the handle of the skipping rope. This increases the effect of your training and also strengthens the muscles in your forearms, wrists and chest. You can usually use, vary and adjust these weights yourself.

In the beginning, however, you should train with light hand movements, because with many revolutions, even a few grams can quickly feel very heavy.

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