Skipping rope CSX

The lightweight and extra thin plastic skipping rope for your speed indoor training: The CSX Speed ​​Skipping Rope* has a robust plastic cover and is therefore ideal for your fitness training at home or in the studio.

Professional materials for your professional pace

With this CSX skipping rope, your training will be more effective than ever before! The skipping rope is only 2.5 mm thin and made of ultra-light yet sturdy steel with a smooth plastic coating. This makes it perfect for your demanding and fast training sessions, for speed skipping or double unders. The handles have ball bearings, the skipping rope is particularly sturdy and is made of high-quality, tangle-free materials.

Thanks to the plastic coating, it is suitable for both professionals and beginners.

Product details Skipping rope CSX

The 3m long jump rope from CSX is made of steel and covered with plastic. The plastic handles are 13 cm long. The smooth plastic ensures that there is little resistance when jumping and also prevents wear and tear. The jump rope weighs just 82 g.

You can adjust the length to suit your height using a Phillips screwdriver. You can simply cut off any excess length and re-adjust the skipping rope using the screw.

The CSX Speed ​​Skipping Rope* is only suitable for indoor use or on suitable floors (rubber mats).

Stable and shatter-proof shipping: The skipping rope is wound on a spool for transport without kinks. CSX gives a lifetime guarantee on the plastic handles of your skipping rope.

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