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With the jump rope from Bremshey you can really get going.

The light and fast skipping rope* Made of high-quality plastic, it brings a lot of speed to your fitness training. In competitive sports such as boxing, but also in fitness training, the skipping rope is perfect for quick turns. The solid skipping rope is worth buying for numerous training sessions.

The Bremshey branded skipping rope has ball bearings in the handles for high jumping frequencies. The ball bearings are integrated into the foam handles. You can simply wash the handles after your workout if necessary. Shortening the Bremshey skipping rope to the ideal length is a breeze. For rapid high-frequency training or to warm up, you can easily take the small training device with you anywhere, as it weighs almost nothing and takes up hardly any space. You can therefore do your endurance workout or calorie burning workout comfortably at home or wherever you are.

At this price you can buy several for endurance jumping together* . Together with your sports friends for fitness training or as dynamic leisure fun for the whole family - jumping together has a performance-enhancing group effect. The quality of the Bremshey brand stands for long-lasting quality and suitability for professional and leisure use at an excellent price-performance ratio.

  • extremely light skipping rope made of high-quality PVC
  • washable foam handles
  • ball bearings for rapid and smooth rotation
  • Length, 2.80m
  • Length adjustable
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Brand quality from Bremshey
  • Professional and fitness training
  • Very resilient for demanding cardio training
  • Speed ​​skipping rope for high jumping frequencies
  • Ideal for conditioning training and fat burning

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