Steel skipping rope

Skipping ropes made of steel are the fastest among the skipping ropes.

They are particularly popular with professionals for boxing training, CrossFit, fitness workouts and double unders. Even as a beginner, you can have fun with the speed with a steel skipping rope. When buying, however, you should make sure that the wire rope is coated. Ball-bearing swivel joints on the handles enable high jumping frequencies. Models with additional weights on the handles increase the training effect.

You can also adjust the steel skipping ropes to suit your body size. The ropes are available in different thicknesses; the thinner the rope, the better you can maintain speed during training.

Steel skipping rope – advantages

The biggest advantage of steel skipping ropes is undoubtedly the high speed, which allows for efficient conditioning training with many, fast turns. The weight for good and clean turns is already provided by the material.

Steel cables that are coated do not tangle or knot. The generally smooth-running bearings in the handles make it easier to turn using the wrists without having to use the forearms, meaning high speeds can be achieved without much effort.

Disadvantages of a steel skipping rope

Steel cables that are not coated can be quite painful if you accidentally hit your foot during training.

Coated steel skipping ropes can only be used indoors; the coating cannot tolerate rough floors.


A steel skipping rope enables very high stroke rates and efficient skipping rope training. It is not without reason that it is particularly popular with professionals. Professional applications such as double unders are particularly fun with the fast steel rope.

As a beginner, you can't go wrong with a steel skipping rope because the rope is already suitable for your rapid training progress. This saves you from having to buy a new rope when your speed requirements increase.

Ambitious runners who shy away from the darkness in the fall and winter months are also well served with a steel skipping rope to keep up with training. Unfortunately, coated steel ropes are only suitable for indoor training.

A steel jump rope is an effective, small fitness tool to start with the fitness trend of jumping rope.

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