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Plastic skipping rope: for your easy training

A plastic skipping rope is particularly smooth and therefore has little air resistance. In addition, plastic is very light . This means that you can concentrate completely on jumping with your plastic skipping rope. Perfect for your long sessions and practicing tricks.

In addition, a plastic skipping rope is particularly easy to transport thanks to its low weight.

Pure synthetic ropes have a very low weight

If you want to work on your fitness , a plastic skipping rope is a good choice for your daily training. It is perfect for your boxing training, for fitness or for warming up before your actual sports session. You can also use the skipping rope to practice better coordination and your sense of balance.

Speed ​​training is difficult with skipping ropes that are made entirely of plastic. The rope is usually not as durable and its own weight is too low.

The better option is steel cables with a plastic coating.

The professional version: skipping ropes made of steel with plastic coating

Steel skipping ropes with a plastic coating have several major advantages: The steel is usually very thin and yet very durable. You can reach high speeds with the skipping rope and it stays in shape much better, meaning it doesn't bend or tangle as quickly as a plastic skipping rope. If the handles also have ball bearings, the rope flies very easily and you can achieve a perfect arc - all prerequisites for high speeds and demanding jumps like the double under.

Skipping ropes from good, high-quality manufacturers can be easily shortened even if their core is made of steel. This means you can adjust them to your individual body size.

In principle, you should only use a plastic skipping rope - whether it is made entirely of plastic or with a steel core - indoors . Asphalt and stone can damage the material very easily, especially at the lowest point. We also recommend special jumping mats that cushion your weight and do not damage the rope if you step on them.

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