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Skipping rope has always been a staple in the field of fitness and endurance training for professionals. Have you ever admired how light-footed, muscle-bound boxers tirelessly jump over the rope at remarkable speed, or figure skaters who perform true artistic techniques while jumping rope for strength, endurance and coordination training? The skipping rope, whether made of leather or steel, has also found an ever-growing following in the fitness sector as a small fitness machine for cardio training and burning fat.

If you have decided to get closer to your training goal by skipping rope, the first question that naturally arises is whether a leather or steel skipping rope is more suitable for your training goal.

Which jump rope is right for you – leather or steel?

Steel skipping ropes are usually coated with PVC and have ball bearings on the handles. They are ideal for your speed workout and you can quickly switch to the highest stroke rate for interval training.

Skipping ropes made of leather are also available with ball bearings, but when training with the leather rope you have to put in a lot more effort to get up to speed, but then you have a natural product.

When choosing between a leather or steel skipping rope, the steel skipping rope immediately catches your eye. It allows you to do the toughest cardio training at absolute high speed and doesn't get tangled. If you're a beginner and haven't yet got the hang of the right jumping moment, physical contact with a skipping rope with steel wire can be painful, despite the coating.

As a dedicated outdoor fan, you have to make compromises, regardless of whether you choose a leather or steel skipping rope, due to the nature of both materials. Both the plastic coating of the steel rope and the leather rub off on rough surfaces. The leather skipping rope in particular can become hard and brittle if you train in the rain or damp air.

You will definitely get the real feeling of endurance training with the leather skipping rope, which is also available with real wooden handles, and the additional effort required to achieve as many revolutions as possible will definitely benefit your shoulders.

If you are having trouble choosing whether to use a leather or steel jump rope, you can base your decision on your training goal.

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