Leather skipping rope

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Why should you use a leather jump rope? What are the advantages and disadvantages of leather jump ropes? Find out more here.

General information about leather skipping rope

Leather skipping ropes are mid-range in price. They are not as cheap as hemp skipping ropes , but they swing faster.

As a rule, a leather rope always has handles, otherwise it is difficult to hold. Handles should have a ball bearing or 90° holder so that the rope does not wear out.

Leather skipping rope – advantages

Its fast swing is its greatest advantage. The high speed is supported by the high weight of the jump rope. Similar to steel jump ropes, a leather jump rope can be used for fast jumps.

At the same time, it is robust enough to withstand friction on the ground in the long term.

Disadvantages of a leather jump rope

The biggest disadvantage of a leather rope is the pain - it really hurts when the leather hits your legs. It's not without reason that whips are often made of leather.

For many, this is reason enough not to use a leather rope.

Conclusion – good leather skipping ropes

The leather rope is the only alternative besides steel/wire if you need high speeds. There are slightly cheaper leather ropes on Amazon* , but also slightly more expensive ones (but with ball bearings + weights)* .

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