Hemp skipping rope

A skipping rope made of hemp - does it make sense? What are the advantages and disadvantages of hemp compared to other materials ? Here I would like to explain this and give you an overview of whether a skipping rope made of hemp could be the right thing for you.

General information about the hemp skipping rope

Many people remember the hemp skipping rope from their school days. It is either made entirely of hemp or has handles (e.g. made of wood).

Benefits of a hemp jump rope

Because it is easy to process, a hemp skipping rope is very inexpensive to produce. It is very easy to produce, especially because there are often no handles.

Hemp jump ropes without handles also absorb sweat. This means the rope doesn't slip in your hand - as can happen with some handles.

Hemp – Disadvantages

A hemp skipping rope often stands out due to its low price. But this can be its downfall: some manufacturers skimp on the workmanship. The skipping rope becomes scratchy or smells unpleasant. Sometimes there is no sign of a reinforced middle (for better swinging).

Some hemp ropes are so light that they no longer swing sufficiently - proper rope skipping is then no longer possible.

Conclusion – good skipping ropes made of hemp

If you just want to start jumping rope without spending a lot of money, a hemp jump rope can be good for you: Little cost, but real rope jumping feeling :)

Before you buy, make sure you read reviews from other buyers or at least find out whether you have a right of return. This way you can determine whether the jump rope you want is well made and will pass the practical test.

On the right side I have selected two skipping ropes for you (one with handles* , once without handles* ), which have received good reviews so far.

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