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Ultra flexible with a high fun factor: the rubber skipping rope

The classic for schoolyards, children's birthdays, street games and holidays is the rubber skipping rope. It is super thin, very durable and you can take it anywhere with you without any problem. It folds up small and cannot bend. Rubber skipping ropes are available in many different lengths and colors.

Even with a rubber skipping rope, you should make sure that the material is of good quality so that it does not become damaged even if you step on it repeatedly. Since it is usually used as a toy by children, the often colorful coating should not rub off. In principle, rubber skipping ropes should only be used by children over the age of five, as there is a risk that younger children could strangle themselves with the rope.

You can of course also use one of the shorter versions for your own endurance training. However, rubber skipping ropes - like those made of leather, cotton or hemp - are quite sluggish, which makes it difficult to reach high speeds.

For your sports and fitness training, for example, light and thin skipping ropes made of steel with a plastic coating are more suitable.

The affordable option for lots of fun and good coordination training

As much as children love playing rubber skipping with their friends, it is actually very effective: Even with the thin and very flexible rubber skipping rope, children train their eye-leg coordination from a very early age, improve their sense of balance and coordination. The constant increases in speed and difficulty strengthen motivation and fitness levels. The movements and regular jumps are good for endurance and perfectly compensate for the long periods of sitting at school, at home or in the car. For this reason, the rubber skipping rope is increasingly being integrated into school sports.

Particularly fun and challenging: the Double Dutch ropes for particularly endurance-boosting rope skipping.

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