Wire skipping rope

Skipping rope made of wire - that doesn't sound entirely safe. And indeed, a skipping rope made of wire can be quite painful if you don't wear long trousers, socks or jump rope barefoot. But its advantages still make it an interesting material for a skipping rope .

General information about wire skipping rope

Wire jump ropes are mostly known from boxers, who are often very good at jumping rope. They can be extremely fast.

Ball bearings and handles

A ball bearing (also called a 90° bracket) on the handles ensures that the rope swings better. However, you should make sure that the ball bearing itself is not made of plastic. Plastic ball bearings wear out very quickly - then they only hinder the rope.

Advantages of a wire jump rope

The biggest advantage of a wire jump rope is its speed. It can be swung so quickly that so-called double unders are possible. Boxers also like to train with wire jump ropes in order to achieve the necessary speed when jumping.

In addition, a wire jump rope is very durable. It won't wear out just because it touches the ground too many times.

Wire – Disadvantages

Pain. If you get tangled up and the rope comes off, it can be quite painful.

Conclusion – good wire skipping ropes

Wire jump ropes are also often known as steel jump ropes. They are suitable if you are more advanced, are annoyed by rapid wear and tear and are willing to accept a little pain if the rope catches you.

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