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The jump rope made of beads for controlled, slow and powerful jumps

A jump rope made of beads, also called a link rope, is a thin nylon rope with plastic links pulled onto it. This makes it ideal for "wheels", i.e. chain jumps . The advantage of a jump rope made of beads: you can make very slow jumps and always retain control over the rope's movements. Thanks to the plastic links strung together, a jump rope made of beads always forms an arch and does not collapse even during slow movements.

The jump rope made of beads is used by both beginners and advanced skiers , as it is a great way to learn and refine tricks. It is also suitable for children for skipping training, for playing and as a supplement to sport to improve coordination and endurance while having great fun.

Perfect for outdoor – and a high fun and training effect

You get a lot of different colors and color combinations. This makes your jump rope made of beads an eye-catcher and your jumping exercises get an additional fun factor. Thanks to the durable, short plastic elements, you can also use the jump rope made of beads on the street or in the yard . It can also be used in cooler temperatures without any problems. In addition, unlike the rubber rope, it makes a cool, distinctive sound with every movement. The handles are usually made of sturdy plastic.

With the jump rope made of beads you can practice the same tricks as with other jump ropes. Thanks to the slow movements, it is a perfect - additional - practice rope: you can first get used to the jumps and do them at a slow pace, and then gradually increase the speed and difficulty level. For fast jump speeds, we recommend steel jump ropes with a plastic coating.

For your workout or for jumping exercises with a partner

Some jump ropes made of beads are also available in different lengths, so that you can use them either for your own training and fitness exercises at home or with a partner . You can usually adjust the length easily. The thin plastic elements are usually soft, particularly light and the edges are rounded so that there is no risk of injury .

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