Mein Weg zum Traumgewicht: 20 kg abgenommen

My path to my dream weight: lost 20 kg

In the last article I told you how I started losing weight and how the first 6 weeks went. I've been doing it for almost half a year now, have lost 20 kg and would like to give you an update.

Current status

On January 28, 2016, I started at 99.9 kg. Today, July 18, 2016, I am at 80.4 kg. My original goal was to reach 74 kg in July. That isn't quite working out. But I don't think that's so bad because I know exactly why it is:

  1. My consumption has decreased . Every kilo of fat has to be stored and kept warm by the body. This is why people who weigh more automatically consume more calories. When you lose weight, this means that your consumption drops noticeably for every 5kg you lose. When I weighed around 99kg, I burned around 2,428 kcal per day, but now at around 80kg I only burn around 2,113 kcal.
  2. I'm eating more again . I'm particularly happy about my food diary: I can see clearly that I ate fewer calories in February and March than in May and June. In February I ate around 48,494 calories in 29 days, which is an average of around 1,672 kcal per day. But in June I ate 60,840 calories in 30 days, which is an average of around 2,028 kcal per day. That's significantly more.

In total, my daily calorie deficit has fallen from around 750 kcal to around 400 kcal. One kilo of fat is equivalent to around 7,000 calories. At the beginning, I burned one kilo of fat in 10 days, but now I need around 19 days to burn one kilo of fat.

Diet report from January 28th, 2016 – July 18th, 2016. Created with

I think it’s really cool that the book Overcoming fat logic* gives me all the basics about consumption, deficit and calories. Otherwise I would have just seen that I was losing weight more slowly and would have attributed it to some other wild ideas. Now I know: My consumption has dropped and I am eating more calories again - no wonder I am losing weight more slowly!

Speaking of food

My eating habits have changed quite a bit. But the most important thing is that I don't feel like I'm depriving myself of something, even though I'm constantly going without food. That sounds strange, right? But there's a very simple reason for it: When I eat, I think about whether the calories are worth it.

Just as I don't just spend money and buy anything at any price, I don't just eat anything with any calories.

From this perspective, we can look at calories as another currency. I have a certain budget per day. As long as I want to lose weight, that is 1,630 calories. The exact number of calories I eat in a day can also fluctuate, the main thing is that I eat less in the long term than I burn.

Within this framework, I sometimes eat more. On some days, I have a large portion of ice cream and tortilla chips with sauce in the evening. At the cinema, I still have my beloved nachos with salsa sauce. I like to treat myself to an ice cream sundae from the ice cream parlor. This regularly gives me the feeling that I have really feasted and eaten.

The difference to before is that I plan accordingly before or after. In the past, despite a large sundae of ice cream in the afternoon, I would still have a proper main meal in the evening. Now I would be far too full for such activities.

What am I giving up?

When I look at what I hardly eat anymore compared to before, the things that come to mind are mainly bread, rolls and pasta.

I didn't consciously decide against wheat products or to eat gluten-free. It was more of a natural development. I always put a decent amount of toppings on bread or rolls, especially Camembert or minced meat. Pasta always had a proper sauce, it was supposed to taste good. All in all, that adds up to far too many calories. With rolls, scrambled eggs, minced meat, cocoa, etc., I sometimes used up my entire daily allowance at breakfast. Crazy!

I don't really like bread and rolls anymore. I tried them recently and they just made my stomach feel weird all day. Not to mention that they're too much for my calorie budget.

By the way, I've always liked the sauce better than the actual pasta when it comes to pasta. A few years ago I joked, "I eat at least as much sauce when I'm cooking as I do when I'm actually eating." So now I just leave out the pasta altogether and make the sauce even more substantial :)

By the way: As a pasta substitute, Konjac root noodles* (has nothing to do with the alcohol) quite good, they have just 10 kcal per portion of 125g and are very filling.

In the past, it would have been unimaginable for me to eat only a small portion. Today, it's completely natural for me. I'm honestly less hungry and simply need less food. It's really exciting how much that changes in just a few months.

Keyword changes: clothing

One of the biggest changes has been my clothing size. I expected to need smaller clothes, but I didn't expect how much smaller they would become.

Before my acceptance, I XL There were even a few XXL items in the closet. My pants were wide 36 .

Recently I was shopping and M That's two whole dress sizes! I now even have one item in S in the closet because M was too wide. How crazy is that? My trouser width is now 32 , but even that is slowly becoming too far.

For me, this is so special because I had a fat logic that was very deeply rooted in me: size M couldn't fit me because I was way too tall for it at 1.83m. M couldn't fit at all because of the distance between my shoulders and hips. This also contributed to the fact that for a long time I didn't think anything of it when I eventually needed XL.

“Fun in Sport” is gaining momentum

At some point I started exercising in the evenings. The problem is that while fat loss is good in itself, it is not enough to get a fit body. Without muscles, the body will only skinnyfat . Skinnyfat refers to people who are slim but have no muscles and therefore still have too much fat.

To start with, I simply googled what small exercises you can do at home without any equipment. For no particular reason, I decided on this video decided. Since the beginning of May I have been doing this every other evening:

  • 10 push-ups
  • 10 lunges
  • 10 burpees (basically high jumps without jumping)
  • 10 crunches
  • 10 leg raises lying down

I slowly increase the number of sets and repetitions. I also added side crunches to train the side abdominal muscles.

Yoga is added

For about 6 weeks now, I have also been doing stretching exercises in the form of yoga exercises every evening. I will list the exercises, but will not explain them in detail. Those in the know will know, the rest can laugh at the zoo ;)

Child's pose/seal of yoga, cat-dog movement sequence, camel, seated cat, rabbit, standing bow or dancer (Natarajasana) with leg stretched up, forehead to knee while standing, standing forward bend, tree.

If you want to know more, feel free to ask in the comments :)

Professionals recognize that this is a mixture of different styles. I want to find a yoga studio in the near future so that I can get back into practice properly. At the moment, it is important to me to get back into the swing of things and to consistently follow my daily practice.

Before, afterwards

Otherwise, I still find it amazing how much my face has changed. Here are two more photos for comparison. I'll let them speak for themselves.

On August 15, 2015, I weighed approximately 105 kg, which gives me a BMI of 31.4 and is therefore obese.

On May 24, 2016, about 85 kg, which gives a BMI of 25.4 and is just about overweight. How cool are the sunglasses? ;)

What happens next?

I still need to lose a few kilos. I already go for longer walks more often (sometimes 12km), but in the medium term I want to start jogging properly. It's good for me to get out in the fresh air and burn a lot of calories, which I can then eat more of.

I also want to go to yoga and the gym two or three times a week again. We'll see.

Overall, I'm just happy to have come this far. I don't feel like I'm at my wits' end or that I won't be able to stick to my "diet" for much longer. Quite the opposite, it's becoming more and more fun to experiment with different recipes and to consciously indulge in the odd calorie sin without feeling guilty.

To be able to have a say, you should now Fat logic* read ;)

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